Though many say their lives are more difficult in the post-9/11 world, Muslim Americans are largely happy and have assimilated into American society, according to a survey released Tuesday.

Many believe integration is important and have embraced this country’s values and attitudes, the first nationwide survey of its kind has found.

But the report, by the Pew Research Center, also raised concerns about the views of some young Muslims.

While the vast majority of those surveyed rejected Islamic extremism, some Muslims under age 30 said suicide bombing to defend their religion can be justified.

“There is a small minority,” said Amaney Jamal, an assistant professor at Princeton University and an adviser on the survey. “We need to investigate this further.”

But overall, Jamal and others say, the report was a “positive” view of Muslim Americans and how they view their lives in the United States.

The report paints a diverse portrait of Muslim Americans. According to the report, there are 2.35 million Muslims living in the United States. Approximately 65 percent of adult Muslims in the United States were born in another country. Half of the native-born are African American converts.


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