Six lawmakers in the 101-member House of Representatives have joined Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, in refusing a copy of the Quran.

The holy book of the Muslim religion was offered as a centennial gift by the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council.

Duncan refused a copy saying that “Most Oklahomans do not endorse the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of ideology.

Allison Moore of Tulsa, who converted to the Muslim faith more than a decade ago, said Tuesday that the lawmaker is taking out of context what the Quran says.

“We do not condone suicide bombers any more than the Christians.”

According to the governor’s council, other Republican representatives declining a copy of the Quran are David Derby of Owasso, Guy Liebmann of Oklahoma City, Scott Martin of Norman, Mark McCullough of Sapulpa, Mike Reynolds of Oklahoma City, and Susan Winchester of Chickasha.


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