How many of us have actually questioned a Muslim about their beliefs?

Not many I would imagine. Yet, we all feel like we know something about how they live and what they believe. The fact is, a lot of the information we have about Muslims and Islam is simply hearsay which leaves us wide open for miscommunication and misunderstanding.

In order to correct some of these misconceptions, I interviewed the president of the Muslim Student Association and a friend of his. They very kindly explained to me many Islamic beliefs and explained misconceptions. The following are common misunderstandings along with the explanations I received.

Muslims don’t believe in Jesus.

Muslims do believe Jesus existed, but they don’t think he was the son of God or died for the world’s sins like Christians do. To them, this contradicts the idea God is just. According to this line of thinking, it would be unjust for a man to suffer for another man’s sins.

While Muslims do not believe Jesus was the Messiah, they do believe he was a prophet of God. In the time before Jesus was born, many people relied too much on their own understanding and not enough on God. Muslims believe Jesus was sent to correct this issue. The miracles and wonders he performed were to show people God’s power defies logic. For doing this, Jesus is greatly respected in the Muslim religion.

Women are considered inferior in Islam.

Muslims believe men and women are different. As such, they have different rules and responsibilities. While their roles may be different, this does not mean one is better than the other.

The Koran stresses the importance of mothers. Muhammad said a person should obey Allah first and their mother next. The Koran also stresses men and women will have equal reward in heaven.


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