Healing is part of Islam, Seth Ward told an audience Tuesday at a talk titled “Islam: History and Healing.” Ward spoke to 20 people at the lunchtime talk at the Mansfield Health Education Center. The presentation, sponsored by St. Vincent Healthcare, is part of a series on caring for people of different faiths. Ward, visiting associate professor of religious studies at the University of Wyoming, told the group that “Islam firmly believes in medical treatment.” “The prophet Muhammad said, ‘There is no disease that Allah has created, except that he has created a treatment,’ ” Ward said of the man who founded the faith in the seventh century.

Ward proceeded to provide his audience with an overview of Islam and specifics on Muslim people and medical care. Allah, he said, is not a name specific to Islam, but a name that refers to a monotheistic God. “As such, no Christians, who are also monotheistic, should have a problem calling God ‘Allah,’ ” Ward said. Allay revealed the Quran, or Koran, to Muhammad over 22 years, Ward said. It includes 114 chapters. The five pillars of Islam include testimony that there is no God but God, prayer, giving alms, fasting during Ramadan and a pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime, when it is physically and financially possible. (MORE)


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