In an unprecedented show of unity amidst worldwide discord, Muslims, Christians and Jewish religious leaders today announced a pact to fight global warming together for the sake of creation.

Their joint statement, delivered to the White House and Congressional leadership, calls for immediate action including mandatory limits on greenhouse gas emissions. “An Interfaith Declaration on the Moral Responsibility of the U.S. Government to Address Global Warming” comes on the heels of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change’s most recent report that makes clear the serious risks of delay, noting that without action emissions could double from current levels by 2030.

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“This is an historic moment when Jews, Christians and Muslims stand together in solidarity with a shared sense of moral purpose on global warming. We accept the overwhelming scientific evidence which forecasts extreme consequences for the Earth and all its inhabitants if we fail to act,” the statement reads.

The consensus declaration is the result of a high-level climate summit of top national religious leaders hosted by the Reverend Sally G. Bingham, President of The Regeneration Project in San Francisco. It is signed by leaders of the largest religious institutions in America representing millions of people including the National Council of Churches, the Islamic Society of North America, the Alliance of Baptists, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. And the signers represent every region of the country. The list includes prominent black leaders like the Reverend Gerald Durley of Atlanta, Evangelical leaders like the Reverend Joel Hunter of Orlando and Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn, D.D., Roman Catholic Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

“These leaders represent millions of the faithful who see beyond their differences to a common need and goal: protection of life on earth,” said the Reverend Sally Bingham of The Regeneration Project’s Interfaith Power & Light.

The 400-word statement represents the first step in what these leaders call “an historic effort to pave the way for cultural change in America.” They plan a series of activities: print and online advertisements, meetings with national legislators and campaigns in individual congregations across the country. They also plan to enlist thousands of religious leaders across the country to sign the statement.

The statement cites text from the sacred writings of each Abrahamic tradition, which reveal a common concern for creation, and a call to serve and protect the poor and vulnerable.


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