A new computer game promoting “modern religious genocide” against followers of the Islamic faith is causing an uproar among Muslims in the Arab world and elsewhere.

According to media reports, the game, “Muslim Massacre” (available on a website that appeared to be down Monday morning), allows players to be in control of an “American hero” on a mission to kill bearded Muslims and suicide bombers using a machine gun and a rocket launcher.

On the game’s website, the creator, identified only as Sigvatr, encourages Internet users to “take control of the American hero and wipe out the Muslim race with an arsenal of the world’s most destructive weapons.”

The game is said to be inspired by the “war on Islam” declared by the United States.

“Don’t be a liberal…! Download the game now,” reads the promotional ad on the game’s frontpage.

As the game progresses, the hero takes off to the Middle East and tries to hunt down Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the Prophet Mohammed and finally Allah. (MORE)


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