Alongside Oklahomans of all faiths and traditions, Muslims in Oklahoma take pride in the rich history of our state and the many accomplishments of its citizens. To honor the historic milestone of Oklahoma’s 100th year of statehood, the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council of Oklahoma commissioned the printing of special edition Qurans inscribed with the beautiful Centennial seal. All of the Centennial Qurans were paid for by the private donations from Oklahoma’s Muslim community.

In the spirit of friendship and consistent with its founding mission, the Advisory Council offered each of Oklahoma’s legislators a Centennial Quran. The intent was to raise awareness among elected officials of the Muslim community’s presence and the many contributions of that community to Oklahoma. For over 100 years, Muslims and other people of Middle Eastern descent have participated in Oklahoma’s civic and economic life.

The Advisory Council is saddened by the refusal of certain legislators to accept the gift of the Centennial Qurans. Despite these refusals, the Council looks forward to meeting with all of Oklahoma’s legislators soon to help educate and inform them about the needs and concerns of Oklahoma’s Muslim community.

The Advisory Council would also like to thank the many members of the legislature, interfaith community, and the general public who have expressed their support for our efforts. Through its service, the Advisory Council hopes to build a strong foundation of understanding to help propel Oklahoma toward another century of prosperity.

Marjan Seirafi-Pour, Chairperson, Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council


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