On paper, Lieutenant Commander Brian K. Waite, a United States Navy chaplain, appears to be one of the nation’s foremost scholars on a wide-range of topics such as traumatology, theology, and Biblical history.

According to the July 2005 issue of “Tower Notes,” the newsletter of the Graduate Theological Foundation, where Waite is the Father Francis Duffy Professor of Military Chaplaincy, the Navy chaplain’s official biography states that he holds two doctorates, a Ph.D. in Historical Theology from Georgia’s Covington Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in Religious Studies from American Christian College and Seminary in Oklahoma.

But a closer look at Waite’s credentials shows that the chaplain, who serves tens of thousands of military personnel, may not be as scholarly as he holds himself out to be.

Indeed, Covington Theological Seminary is just one of the religious institutions on Waite’s lengthy resume that has been identified as a “diploma mill,” and has been found to award degrees to students through “correspondence” studies. Covington had received its accreditation status by The International Accrediting Commission for Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries (IAC) of Missouri, which was caught up in a federal investigation more than a decade ago for accrediting more than 150 higher learning institutions that failed to meet the most basic standards under the US Department of Education, the Generally Accepted Accrediting Principles, and the Council on Higher Education (CHEA). . .

Last October, Waite appeared in an advertisement published in Time magazine using his Navy chaplaincy position to promote another fundamentalist Christian organization. That too would be a violation of Military regulations.

Weinstein excoriated Waite for exaggerating his educational background as well as Waite’s alleged constitutional violations conducted in the name of religion.

“Chaplain Waite is to the United States Navy’s military chaplaincy what doctor Joseph Mengele was to Nazi concentration camp medicine,” Weinstein said in an interview. “Chaplain Waite’s educational credentials are rivaled only by Ronald McDonald and his stellar job at Hamburger College. Sadly, this man’s constitutional violations are far more typical of the military chaplaincy today than being an exception to the rule.”

Weinstein’s organization also discovered that Chaplain Waite is the author of an anti-Islamic book that calls in to question whether he can provide religious support to all faiths. Details about Waite’s book, which was first published http://www.military.com/NewsContent/0,13319,159341,00.html in January on the website Military.com led to further investigation into Waite’s tenure as a chaplain in the US Navy.

Waite is the author of “Islam Uncovered,” which holds that the Muslim faith is itself culpable for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Military.com reported.

“Undoubtedly our world will experience additional terrorist attempts or strikes all in the name of Allah. Some of these attacks may occur within the borders of our own nation by the remaining cell groups interspersed and hiding among the Muslim population of the United States. My words may make a number of Muslims in this country and abroad very uncomfortable. To them I would say, ‘Deal with it!’ The suspicion that you encounter is merely a consequence to your own belief system. …” Waite’s book says. “…Should Islam be immune from attack because it calls itself a religion? If Adolf Hitler called Nazism a religion, would we be speaking German today? Evil is evil, no matter what nomenclature it hides under.”

The book was removed from bookstore shelves after it was discovered that Waite had plagiarized much of the material and that the supporting blurbs on the back cover of the book from prominent members of the religious community had been fabricated.

Waite is also the author “For God & Country: One Chaplain’s Perspective of War and the Life Lessons Learned,” published in 2005. Waite portrays himself in the book as of the many Americans compelled to serve our country in the wake of the 9/11. According to the book, Waite was the Command Chaplain for an Air Force Reserve unit when he got “the overwhelming urge that God had something else” for him to do, and then contradicts himself later in the book by writing that his return to active duty “had nothing to do with external circumstances in [his] life at the time.” (MORE)


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