An Enloe High School social studies teacher appears to want to invite back to his class a Christian evangelist who recently denounced Islam at the school.

The evangelist, Kamil Solomon, opened students’ minds to “see more light,” said an e-mail message apparently from teacher Robert Escamilla that Solomon posted on his Web site this weekend.

Escamilla invited Solomon to several of his social studies classes Feb. 16, and Solomon asked students to embrace Christianity and distributed pamphlets denouncing Islam. Parents who saw the pamphlets were outraged, and constitutional lawyers said the visit violated the First Amendment, which courts have ruled prohibits promoting religion in public schools.

The message posted on Solomon’s Web site Friday for less than 24 hours said, “Thank you so much for coming and speaking so effectively to our students, helping them to open their minds and see more light. I think we should be able to get you back again.”

The seven-sentence posting ends, “May God continue to richly bless you and to powerfully use you to give Him much glory.” It is signed “your brother and friend in Christ, Robert.”

Also on the Web site was a message that apparently came from Enloe teacher Marian Johnson, whom Escamilla identified as his department’s chairwoman. It began, “Hello all” and defended Solomon’s visit: “It is our responsibility as educators to give our students the tools by which to evaluate, question and research issues they may encounter.”


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