RALEIGH — In a room at the Islamic Association of Raleigh, teenage Muslim girls sitting around a table rattle off the questions they field daily about their religious head covering:

“Are you bald?”

“It’s like a hundred degrees out. Aren’t you hot?”

“Do you wear it when you’re sleeping?”

“Do you wear it in the shower?”

“Is that a towel on your head?”

“Do you have cancer?”

Fellow teens can be insensitive, even cruel. So when two Duke University undergraduates studying Islam asked Muslim girls what they wanted to talk about, they were more than eager to clear up misconceptions about the veil. …

Fifteen Duke students – all members of an “Islam and the Media” class – produced eight multimedia projects about the life of teens active at the Islamic Association of Raleigh. The idea was to investigate how others saw the Muslim teens and how they viewed themselves. (More)


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