Kaliyma Jenkins went to work at Onslow Memorial Hospital last Friday, expecting her annual review, what she got, was fired.

The hospital says for violating their attendance policy, Jenkins says not quite.

“I was basically terminated because of my hijab,” said Jenkins.

A hijab, also known as an Islamic headdress, serves as a symbol of her belief in the Islamic faith.

“Remove your head cover or go home,” Jenkins said the hospital told her, “that’s black and white discrimination.”

Jenkins says she was sent home from the hospital on June 14th, a few days later she was told she could return to work wearing her hijab. So why wear the head covering in the first place?

“It’s a part of what I believe, it’s a part of Kaliyma,” Jenkins answered. “So for you to say take it off or go home, basically you’re taking my image and saying we can’t allow that here.” (More)


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