Abdul Hikmat was preparing to pray at a southwest Omaha mosque on Tuesday afternoon when he discovered shards of glass and chunks of rock scattered across the floor.

Someone had thrown a rock through a glass door of the Midwest Islamic Foundation near 138th and Q Streets.

The stone shattered more than the door.

“I was shocked, devastated, horrified,” Hikmat said. “And very disappointed. This is a center for love, love for people, love for God.”

Hikmat and Bilal Khaleeq, board members of the foundation, said they view the vandalism as a hate crime. Although the vandal left no graffiti or other written message, Hikmat and Khaleeq said there was no other explanation…

Omaha police and the FBI were investigating. Police recorded the crime as a destruction of property. A uniformed patrol officer on Tuesday found no blatant evidence of a hate crime, said Officer Michael Pecha, a police spokesman.

But, he said, detectives will consider that possibility as part of their follow-up investigation. (Full Story)


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