As many of our readers may remember, we took issue some time back with what we considered to be anti-Islam positions officially expressed on the East Mountain Tea Party (EMTP) web site (our articles on the subject, along with others, are now collected under the category “Tea Party-gate.”).

The EMTP post informed readers that key members of the EMTP (Therese Cooper, Char Tierney, Silvana Lupetti, and Felicia Wilson), including at least two of its co-founders, had submitted a letter to Congressman Martin Heinrich’s demanding that he state his position with respect to a Muslim community center proposed for downtown New York.

We objected to the anonymously-posted EMTP article, and received a surprisingly vitriolic response indicating a clear anti-Muslim bias … The fact remains, however, that the leaders of the EMTP are members of a religious faction that – in its own writings – equates Islam with evil and Islam’s deity, Allah, with Satan, and appears to consider itself at war with Islam. The EMTP web site was used not only as a platform to publish a letter signed by these people and their spiritual leader and apparently sent to pressure a U.S. Congressman to oppose the rights of Muslims in New York to build a community center; it was also used to defend that position in the context of religious discrimination.At best, this would appear to be inappropriate conduct for leaders of a political organization, and we believe that the EMTP’s members and supporters should give serious thought as to whether its leadership has acted in the organization’s best interests in this regard. (More)


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