The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces raised a record $18 million at its annual gala dinner held last week in New York City.

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz addressed more than 1,300 attendees and remarked on the key security challenges facing Israel. The former defense minister and army chief warned that Iran intended to carry out its threats to destroy Israel.

“Teheran’s intentions are crystal clear. The day Iran’s capabilities allow it to fully act on its intentions is the day those intentions will be carried out. And that day must never come,” Mofaz said, adding: “When it comes to Iran let me assure you we will also know how to protect ourselves.”

Mofaz also told attendees that UN resolution 1701, the basis for the cease-fire ending the war in Lebanon, was not being fully implemented.

He said Israel is seeing Hizbullah “rearm and return to southern Lebanon” and he added that the Lebanese army was not doing what was necessary to disarm them.


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