The school year just got a little longer for city students.

The Board of Education voted to reinstate two Islamic holidays as days off for students Wednesday night, after members of the Muslim community pushed for the change.

The calendar originally left off one Jewish holiday – the second day of Rosh Hashanah – and two Islamic holidays to help shorten the school year, Superintendent Fredrick Nickles said.

After meeting with Muslim leaders concerned about the change, Nickles put forth a resolution to the board Wednesday suggesting one of the holidays be reinstated.

But after hearing from several of the community’s leaders talk about the importance of the holidays, the board decided to amend the resolution, bringing back both holidays. Nickles had suggested, if that were to happen, the dropped Jewish holiday should also be brought back.

That was not a problem, since the second day of Rosh Hashanah is Oct. 1, one of the reinstated holidays on the Islamic calendar.

Before the vote, Kaleem Shabazz credited the district with being one of three in the state to even recognize the Islamic holidays.


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