On May 26, more than 600 Muslim athletes will assemble to compete in the Annual Islamic Games presented by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) at Crossroads South, South Brunswick.

The annual Islamic Games under the theme “Strong Inside ”¦ Strong Outside” will feature action in track and field, basketball, volleyball, soccer, cricket for males and females of all ages.

Many other fun activities, sports and games will be on hand for kids and grown-ups.

The Islamic Games is being launched in response to the growing needs of the Muslim communities. The purpose of the Islamic Games 2007 is to promote athletic skills and serious participation in sports and athletics among Muslims.

Many Muslims, male and female, participate in sports and athletics at all levels, the Islamic Games allows such athletes to meet, network and compete with each other.

The Islamic Games also seeks to provide the forum for Muslim Schools to participate in and compete with each other especially since there is no athletic program for them.


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