The hundreds of Muslims who packed a Teaneck park on Sunday weren’t celebrating an Islamic holy day.

They had a decidedly secular agenda: fun.

The first Muslim Family Fair in Bergen County included a moonwalk and a giant slide, games of cricket and volleyball, and an indoor market where merchants hawked clothing and jewelry.

Even the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants made an appearance, drawing bunches of children who pulled along their moms clad in Islamic head scarves.

Community leaders said the gathering at Votee Park was aimed at bringing together the growing Muslim community in Bergen County for something other than religious purposes.

“We typically meet only twice a year for the holy days,” said Meer Ali of Paramus. “So this year we thought: Why not have a picnic for the community so we can have fun?”

The fair, which was expected to attract about 1,000 people, had something for everyone.


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