Lawyers representing Passaic County and the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department have countersued a Muslim sheriff’s officer who filed an anti-discrimination lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed April 3, denies claims that former provisional Officer Tamir Kozrosh endured harassment for his religious and ethnic background while on the job, and seeks damages and attorney’s fees for defending the case.

Kozrosh, 24, claimed in his lawsuit that he was the subject of frequent anti-Muslim “bullying” while employed at the Passaic County Jail, and that he was fired after complaining.

Kozrosh showed the Herald News two pictures that he said hung on a department bulletin board. One poster shows his face superimposed on a camel’s body, and the other shows him with a digitally doctored beard similar to that of terrorist Osama bin Laden.

“These photographs establish there is no frivolous litigation,” said Aslan Soobzokov, Kozrosh’s attorney.

Kozrosh said that the atmosphere was so stressful that he began taking prescription anti-anxiety medication and eventually asked Soobzokov to write a letter to the county about his situation. Shortly afterward, he was fired.

“It was an everyday occurrence,” he said Monday. “I was fed up with it. It was over and over and over again.”


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