Following worldwide protests over the publication of Danish cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad, journalists are being forced to reevaluate the ethics of publishing material that could be considered offensive.

The Reynolds School of Journalism, in partnership with the Reynolds National Center for Courts and Media, will contribute to that discussion with its “Beyond the Danish Cartoons” panel discussion at 7:30 p.m. Monday, April 24 in the auditorium of the National Judicial College.

The panel of journalists, lawyers and clergy will discuss the ethics of publishing potentially offensive materials, especially those related to religion. After a short presentation by the panelists, the floor will be opened to questions, discussion and debate. Using technology similar to the television show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” audience members will also vote on about a dozen examples of unpublished controversial editorial cartoons from across the country, electing either to publish or not publish.
Led by Ed Lenert, journalism professor and Fred W. Smith Chair of Critical Thinking and Ethical Practices, the panel features: Rochelle Wilcox, a nationally recognized media lawyer and First Amendment expert; Hussam Ayloush, from the Council for American-Islamic Relations; The Rev. John Emerson, from the United Methodist Church and Religious Alliance in Nevada; and Rex Babin, editorial cartoonist from The Sacramento Bee.


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