The jail chaplain suspended for passing out anti-Islam tracts was hit with eight administrative charges and suspended without pay yesterday.

The Rev. Teresa Darden Clapp was served notice of the charges yesterday afternoon, Rockland County Sheriff James Kralik said.

Clapp was suspended with pay in April after she distributed religious cartoon booklets that condemned Islam and contained derogatory depictions and descriptions of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.

The charges were the recommendation of the special attorneys hired by the county’s Law Department to look into the issue.

The report and recommendations by Kevin J. Plunkett and Darius P. Chafizadeh of the firm Thacher, Proffitt and Wood in White Plains were submitted late Monday afternoon, Kralik said.

Citing privacy requirements in an ongoing personnel matter, Kralik said he could not divulge the specifics of the 10-page report on the advice of counsel.

However, he said, Clapp will face eight administrative charges: two charges of gross misconduct, one of official misconduct, three of misconduct and two of gross negligence. He also said he could not discuss what each charge entailed.

Clapp has until May 24 to answer the charges and will likely face an administrative hearing to determine her culpability within the next 30 days.

The hearing will be overseen by an arbitrator whose recommendation will be final, Kralik said. The arbitrator could prescribe a range of punitive actions including dismissal, he said.


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