Muslims on LI serve society

In response to Peter King’s recent statements about American Muslims [“King won’t temper remarks,” News, April 20]:

Nassau County Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey met with the Islamic Center of Long Island about two weeks ago and told us that law enforcement agencies do not have any Long Island mosques under surveillance.

King fails to recognize that 6 million American Muslims define a significant population that serves our society as physicians, lawyers, entrepreneurs, educators and more. America’s 2,000-plus Islamic centers serve as beacons of goodwill and service to neighborhoods across the nation.

We have repeatedly invited Rep. King to the Islamic Center of Long Island to discuss his allegations concerning American Muslims. He has not replied and continues to mischaracterize a constituency of over 25,000 households in Nassau and Suffolk in a negative light without facts.

Habeeb Ahmed

Editor’s note: The writer is chairman of the Islamic Center of Long Island and a member of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission.


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