A Muslim NYPD cop is set to sue the city and the feds after he was targeted by air marshals, triggering a year-long probe in which he was stripped of his gun and badge.

Shahin Miah, 32, was eventually cleared of wrongdoing and is back on the job – but the Bangladeshi-born officer says he’s tormented by colleagues who call him “Al Qaeda.”

“I’m a good citizen of this country,” Miah told the Daily News in an exclusive interview.

“All my family are hardworking. We are normal. This only happened because my color is brown and I’m Muslim.

“Nobody has ever given me an answer – what made them think I was a terrorist?”

The NYPD investigated the rookie because the feds suspected him of overseas money laundering, but it turned out he was the victim of identity theft.

Miah says that’s news to him – and insists that if he had not been racially profiled at Kennedy Airport, the entire mess could have been avoided. (More)


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