(January 22, 2007) – Now that I’ve returned from the ritual of hajj, at the end of December and earlier this month, in Mecca, Saudia Arabia, I decided to share my experiences with the community.

Unlike in previous years when stampedes during the hajj killed hundreds of people, this pilgrimage did not make any screaming headlines. Though the number of pilgrims this year was estimated at about 4 million, the number of deaths was reduced to almost none. The pilgrims were of more than 100 nationalities.

Hajj was an enlightening experience. It was amazing to see landmarks from hundreds of years ago. We were entangled in a mass of people who were all equals, signified by the unsown white cloth in which the men were shrouded. This was to remind us of the day of resurrection and the day of judgment, when we will stand in front of the greatest judge of all and account for our deeds.


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