Some residents in Latham may soon have a new neighbor, and it is one that not all are thrilled with: a 50-thousand-plus square-foot mosque.

It would be located right off Route 2, east of Latham Circle, in the currently open space across from Glenwood Drive.

NEWS10’s Dori Marlin reports on the plans, which are coming up for approval, and on how neighbors are taking to them.

The open parcel of land may soon become an open place of worship.

“Education classes for the children during the weekday evenings…weekends for adults,” says Mike Lyons, with the Colonie Planning Board.

The “Masjid al-Hidaya” mosque would have religious services, child care services, and even a gift shop. The proposal is not new – plans for the mosque on the same sight were first introduced five years ago, but just now are back on the table.

The mosque would be near where the Knights of Columbus is currently located. The Salvation Army is right there on Triy-Schenectady Road as well. And there is a small gas station across the street.

Besides being near all that commercial development on Route 2, the mosque would also be adjacent to Latham neighborhoods. For neighbors to the east, four acres would be set aside as a buffer.

But over to the west side of the property, you have all the home along Duncan Avenue, which back right up to the site. Some of their backyards are less than 50-feet away from where the mosque could potentially be located.

Most neighbors we spoke with off-camera say, they are okay with having the mosque so close to them. But one camera-shy couple says, they are more concerned about what will be preached inside, and whether or not it will have terrorist ties.


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