A confidential settlement has been reached in the C.W. Post mock hostage-video case.

It was a quiet ending for the $2.5-million wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuit filed by five C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University students. Their video – in which they spoke in cartoonish Middle Eastern accents and threatened the safety of a rubber duck – initially cost them their campus jobs as resident assistants and drew condemnation from local Muslim leaders.

Lawyers declined to divulge the settlement terms, such as whether the students received monetary compensation or if they are retaining their RA jobs. A temporary restraining order had rescinded the college’s firing of the resident assistants.

“We’re all happy to publicly report that any dispute which existed between the plaintiffs and defendants in this action has been settled to the mutual satisfaction of all parties,” said attorney Frederick K. Brewington, of Hempstead. He represented the “C.W. Post Five” students: William McDermott, Jordan Marmara, Bert Estrada, Robert Bennett and Dustin Frye.

“Neither side intended anything that they said or did to be hurtful,” Brewington continued. “Both sides would like to thank the Islamic Center of Long Island for its efforts to help resolve this matter.”

The attorneys, Brewington and C.W. Post Deputy Counsel Elaine Crosson, and James Ryan of Garden City, would not answer questions about the terms of the settlement.

Said Brewington: “I can just tell you that with regard to all the parties, everybody’s mutually satisfied with the outcome.”

The settlement followed the college’s announcement that it would not pursue disciplinary proceedings against the students, noting they had visited the Islamic Center and apologized. The students said they were relieved and eager to get back to concentrating on class work. “I’m glad we could work something out. … It’s turned out very well,” Bennett said.


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