The city’s top cop met with leaders of the Muslim community to explain how the department is trying to become more understanding of their needs. But as NY1 Criminal Justice reporter Solana Pyne explains, it was also an opportunity to gauge the state of relations between that community and the police.

Every year the NYPD meets with city Muslim leaders, in advance of Ramadan, the holiest month on the Islamic calendar, and while most of those invited to Wednesday’s meeting praised the opportunity to sit down with the police, some complained their community is being targeted in the fight against terrorism.

“How can we build trust and help you to do your job of protecting us, if we don’t necessarily always know who we can trust and if there are lots of confidential informants in our community,” said one Muslim community member.

The meeting began with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly detailing the extra security that will be provided at mosques during Ramadan. Kelly also brought along a rough cut of a new video designed to help teach police officers about the Muslim faith.


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