David Aikman is among the stable of conservatives whose commentary appears on the Web site Townhall.com.

These commentators are nothing if not predictable: Democrats bad. Islam bad.

So, of course, any chance to put “Barack Obama” and “Muslim” in the same sentence… good.

You can hear Aikman’s recent commentary on the subject here. Or read the text after the jump.

Either way, you should recognize the work of a skilled cheap-shot artist.

Aikman magnanimously declares that we should take Obama “at his word that he’s a Christian.” However, he quickly adds, “the issue of his Muslim father won’t go away so easily.” (In fact, it won’t go away for one reason and one reason only: People like Aikman won’t let it go away, because they don’t want it to go away.)

Then, without missing a beat, Aikmna implies that Obama must be lying. (MORE)


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