Hebba Aref was in the running to appear on the stage at a campaign event for Barack Obama the other day when a volunteer learned that Aref, a Muslim, would be wearing a head scarf.
That’s when the invitation to appear behind the Democratic presidential candidate for the television cameras suddenly evaporated, with a volunteer for the Obama campaign citing politics as the reason.
“This is not meant to be any slam on Obama,” said Sharif Aref, Hebba Aref’s brother, who attended the rally in Detroit with her. But “this type of discrimination is occurring everywhere—in the North, South and even at Obama rallies.”
On Wednesday, the Obama campaign apologized for the volunteer’s actions, as well as for those of another volunteer who reportedly told a Muslim supporter she could be part of the backdrop only if she removed her scarf. The incidents were first reported by Politico.com. . .
But several Muslim supporters at the rally, where Al Gore appeared, were deeply offended by what the volunteers did. And the Council on American-Islamic Relations urged Obama to invite the women to an upcoming event. (MORE)


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