A minister, a rabbi and an imam walk into Olscamp 101 — sorry there’s no punchline, only a serious discussion of religion and science. The Muslim Student Association, in conjunction with CRU and Hillel, presented “Science and Religion: Friends or Foes” last night with speakers from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths. The clergymen spoke on the misconception of a disconnect between faith and scientific innovation. “There seems to be a tendency to seperate science and religion and because of that we find many give up religion for science,” Rabbi Edward Garsek said. The forum was not set up as a debate to determine which religion is correct or that science is faulty, but to find where belief in God and science are interconnected.

“Science can tell us what we can do. Faith tells us what to do,” Minister Steve Rieske said. Topics ranged from the moral implications of medical technology to God’s wishes for scientific advancement. Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who led a successful anti-drug campaign in Brooklyn, N.Y. during the 1980s, made clear the teachings of Islam are compatible with science. They must be, according to Wahhaj, because Allah is perfect. “Religion is not at odds with science. Some religious people are at odds with science,” Wahhaj said. (MORE)


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