Sunrise Academy, the private K-8 Islamic school located in Hilliard, is filled to capacity this school year and looking to expand.

“We are in the process of looking for two buildings: one for a high school and one to purchase on the East Side to start an elementary over there,” said Director Leah Mohiuddin.

“That is in the works. That is what our goal is,” she said.

Generally speaking, officials are seeking high school space in Northwest Columbus.

A new elementary school probably would open with grades K-3 and expand one grade per year through eighth grade, she said. That is the model Sunrise Academy followed when it opened its doors a dozen years ago in a former library at 5657 Scioto Darby Road.

Enrollment this school year is 340.

“We are full to capacity. There is a waiting list in every grade level. We turned away 200 to 300 children,” said Mohiuddin.

“We just have so many children in our community. Parents are all looking for an education for their children in an environment where they can learn without being afraid of who they are. That is what we offer. We are not able to get every child in here, which is a shame,” said Mohiuddin.

Sunrise students don’t have to worry about intimidation by students who do not understand Islamic practice, including clothing style.

“In public school, people pull head scarves off the girls. Kids still call Muslim kids terrorists. It’s sad. Education is the key and we just have to keep educating people,” said Mohiuddin. (MORE)


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