Zakariya Muhammad Reed was coming back from Canada on June 17 when he was detained again for a couple of hours. This marks the fifth time in the last seven months that he has encountered difficulty.

On May 9, I reported on his troubles at www.progressive.org, “Muslim American Grilled at Border over Religion, Letter to the Editor”.

This time, Reed was asked about that article. On a previous occasion, he was grilled about a letter to the editor he’d written to the Toledo Blade. In that letter, he criticized U.S. support for Israeli policies, as well as Bush’s Iraq War.

Expecting to be hassled by now, Reed decided to cross over from Windsor, Ontario, by way of the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. “The detention area is bigger,” he tells me, “so if I’m going to be there for several hours, I’d rather be in the bigger place.”

Sure enough, when he got to the booth, he was not allowed to go through.

“There’s something coming up on your license plate,” the guard said, according to Reed. “It’s a no read.”

The guard took his ID and scanned it.

“Three other guys come out and surround the car and escort me to the detention center,” Reed says. “After I got into main reception area, I talked to an immigration officer. And a guy comes around and says, ‘You’re the firefighter? From Ohio?’ “

Still, they took him back into a detention area.


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