Gov. Brad Henry and leaders in both the House and Senate said Wednesday they intend to accept a copy of the centennial Quran following a number of refusals by other lawmakers this week.

House Speaker Lance Cargill said Wednesday he would keep his copy but also said he would give a centennial Bible to the council distributing the Muslim religious books.

How did it all begin?

This week, at least 24 lawmakers have asked not to receive a copy of the Quran distributed in honor of the state’s centennial next month. The Quran distribution — which is being done by the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council with privately raised funds — is similar to distribution of centennial Bibles given to lawmakers this spring.

One of those lawmakers, Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, said he did not want a copy of the Quran because he claims it encourages Muslims to kill nonbelievers.

The U.S. Constitution protects the right for people to show their faith in ways including the distribution of religious materials, said Cargill, R-Harrah. (MORE)


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