The Swedish far-Left, anti-racist organization Expo recently released a publication ( pdf, in Swedish) entitled “Kriget mot islam,” “The war against Islam,” in which they worried about an increasing trend towards “organized Islamophobia” in the West. According to them, “Parallel with the growth of SIOE, a new anti-Islamic network of academics, bloggers and politicians is taking shape. The network has no formal name, but meets at so-called anti-Jihad conferences. The first known meeting was in Copenhagen on the 14th of April this year. Behind the event was the network Center for Vigilant Freedom (CVF).”

As the publication says: “According to one of the most influential bloggers in the anti-Islamic blogosphere, Baron Bodissey, CVF functions as a ‘network of networks. The idea is to gather all counter-Jihad groups under one umbrella to ease the gathering of information and experiences.’” The publication mentions the Brussels meeting in October, and states that “among those attending were a number of well-known right-wing extremists.” An example of these “right-wing extremists” is Israeli politician Arieh Eldad. Expo also talks about Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard and author Robert Spencer, the founder of Jihad Watch.

The text continues: “During the Cold War the extreme Right joined in on the anti-Communist rhetoric. In connection with the increased immigration to Europe it was suddenly Multiculturalism that made up the external threat. In the aftermath of the War on Terror and increasing distrust of Muslims, now suddenly it is the anti-Islamic rhetoric that makes up the new platform for the extreme Right. But there is a problem: Despite the fact that there is great acceptance for xenophobic parties within the anti-Islamic networks, they don’t want to be dirtied by having too clear attachments to openly Fascist groups.”

Notice how Expo compares the criticism of the “extreme Right” regarding Communism, which threatened world peace for generations, to today’s criticism of Islam. I suppose former US President Ronald Reagan, who called the Soviet Union the “Evil Empire” and helped bring down the Berlin Wall, is among these right-wing extremists? Expo’s founder Stieg Larsson was a long-time Communist who met his future wife during a support meeting for the FNL, the pro-Communist National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. It’s interesting that they think Multiculturalism has now taken the place which Communism used to occupy. Some of us have been arguing this before, but with a different emphasis.

Expo again: “The anti-Islamic bloggers and activists see themselves as defenders of European values. Nazi, Fascist and homophobic groups simply do not fit into this self-image. But with a promise of respect for human rights and a clear pro-Israeli policy, right-wing populists and right-wing extremists are welcomed into the fold.”


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