Imam W. D. Mohammed, the foremost leader of American Muslims, may be moving to Philadelphia, where he headed a West Philadelphia temple in the late 1950s. “I’m not happy about this bad weather in the Midwest,” Mohammed, son of the late Nation of Islam founder Elijah Mohammed and Sister Clara Mohammed, told the Daily News in a recent interview. “I might move to Philadelphia. It has winters, but not as bad as Chicago winters. “I love Philadelphia, but Chicago will always be in my blood and my home,” said Mohammed, who has been considering the move since October, when he mentioned it to imams, or Muslim religious leaders, during Ramadan.

“But the truth is I have much more enthusiastic support in Philadelphia than in the Midwest area,” said the father of nine and grandfather of 10. This weekend, Mohammed is in Philadelphia at a Muslim education conference at the Loews Hotel at 12th and Market streets. On Sunday, the imam is to deliver a public address at 1 p.m. at the hotel. Tonight after prayer services, there is a fashion show, and tomorrow there are education workshops and a banquet at the hotel for those who have registered. (MORE)


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