Kimberlie Webb has been a Philadelphia police officer since 1995 and a follower of the Islamic faith for just as long.

But since 2003, the 35th District officer has been embroiled in a legal battle over her right to wear a khimar, a traditional head scarf worn by Muslim women, while in uniform.

Webb, 46, filed discrimination claims against the city with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2003 after the department suspended her for wearing the headdress while on duty.

The EEOC sided with her and in 2005, she sued the city in federal court, citing discrimination. But in June, a U.S. District Court judge dismissed her claims before trial after reviewing briefs from each side.

This week, two lawyers – Jeffrey Pollock and Seval Yildirim – filed appeals on her behalf, saying Webb never had her day in court.

Several organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, are now backing her, too.


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