A Philadelphia native who wanted to study Islam was yanked off a Yemeni bus with five other Americans last month and has been detained there since, according to authorities.

LaToya Calloway-Gould, 34, of Reading, said that on July 30 the U.S. Embassy in Yemen notified her that her husband, Nasir Daymar Gould, 30, had been detained on July 27, six days after his arrival.

Gould, who grew up at 51st Street and Hazel Avenue, in West Philadelphia, was riding an intercity Yemeni bus from Sa’dah to Sana’a when it stopped at a security checkpoint and six Americans were taken into custody, his wife said.

“They told me there were no formal charges,” Calloway-Gould said. “With their government, they do what they want to do, when they want to do it. Here, he has rights. Over there, there are no rights.

“He was pulled off the bus for nothing,” she added.

A State Department spokeswoman said, “We are looking into the situation.” (MORE)


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