A Philadelphia hotel supervisor who sent a threatening note to her Arab American boss, citing the Sept. 11 terror attacks, was sentenced today to eight months in a halfway house.

It was a rare case of a federal prosecution of a hate crime, and the U.S. Justice Department had sought the maximum penalty: a year-long prison sentence for the misdemeanor charge, for which the woman, Kia Reid, had pleaded guilty.

Reid and her victim, former supervisor Nina Timani, faced each during the tear-filled three-hour hearing.

The anonymous note Reid sent to Timani last year at the Sheraton Suites Hotel said in part: “You and your kids will pay . . . Remember 9/11 Patriotism and anger along with desire for revenge.”

Reid, a 35-year-old single mother of three with no criminal record, had worked at as a caterer at the hotel for nine years. Timani is Arab American, a naturalized U.S. citizen who arrived in this country from Egypt in the mid-1960s.

Reid was charged after a coworker wearing an FBI wire recorded her talking about the crime.

U.S. District Judge Gene Pratter said the note’s reference to children “almost takes one’s breath away.” (READ MORE)


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