NEW YORK: The Pakistan Consulate-General on Sunday called for a thorough investigation into an attack on a Pakistani-American allegedly by Jewish teenagers.

Prosecutors have charged five teens with brutally beating the 24-year-old Shahid Amber in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City, last weekend. “We have called on the relevant law-enforcement authorities to investigate the case,” Consul-General Haroon Shaukat told APP.

Amber is quoted in local newspaper reports as saying that he was eating ice cream outside a restaurant near his home on previous Sunday night when a group of 10 to 15 began taunting him, calling him a “terrorist” and other disparaging and profane words.

He said he tried to ignore them but they came over and one knocked his ice cream out of his hand. “One of them spit in my face,” Amber said in a phone interview on Friday. “As I was cleaning my face, I noticed a punch coming at my face with brass knuckles on it.” Criminal complaints said the teens then began to hit and kick Amber and yelled: “Go back to your country and never mess with Jews.”

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a leading Muslim advocacy group, also demanded an investigation, saying it’s an indication of “the kind of thing that we’re seeing as a growing phenomenon, tied to a sharp rise in the anti-Muslim sentiment in our society”. “I think intervention by the Justice Department would send a strong message that anti-Muslim attacks would not be tolerated in America,” Hooper said.


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