A new Financial Times/Harris Poll of cross sections of adults in the five largest European countries and the United States looks at attitudes toward Muslims and finds differing opinions on Muslims as a threat to national security, prejudice towards Muslims and whether parents would object to a child marrying a Muslim.

When it comes to Muslims as a threat to national security, the British are the most wary as 38 percent say the presence of Muslims in their country is a threat, followed by 30 percent of Italians and 28 percent of Germans who believe the same. Approximately one in five French (20%), American (21%) and Spanish (23%) adults also say the presence of Muslims in their respective countries is a threat to national security. With the exception of Spain and Great Britain, where large pluralities say the presence of Muslims does not present a threat to national security, majorities of adults in the other four countries say they do not present a threat.

These are some of the results of aFinancial Times/Harris Pollconducted online by Harris Interactive® among a total of 6,398 adults aged 16 to 64 within France; Germany, Great Britain, Spain, the United States, and adults aged 18 to 64 in Italy, between August 1 and 13, 2007.

Prejudice Toward Muslims

Half of French adults (51%) as well as just under half of Italians (49%) and Americans (47%) believe that Muslims in their country have become the subject of unjustified criticism and prejudice. In the other three countries surveyed, adults are more likely to believe Muslims are not the subject of unfair prejudice. Just under half of Spanish (47%), British (44%) and German (43%) adults all believe Muslims in their country have not become the subject of unfair criticism and prejudice. It is interesting to note that two of these countries, Spain and Great Britain, are where the two most recent Al Quada attacks in Europe have occurred.


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