As the election cycle looms closer and neither the Republican nor Democratic candidates seem to be addressing it, what few eyeballs I have access to here will see my take on what I think is the essence of the war on terror.

It is the same thing that is at the heart of nearly every conflict in the history of mankind: racism, bigotry and ethnocentricity.

The current bogeyman is the inscrutable Muslim. It is an easy trap to fall into because your falling into it is critical the Christian and Zionist right’s master plan. Isn’t it ironic that Jewish and Christian fundamentalists are trying to make you afraid of Muslims because of their fundamentalism?

The fact is that only about 10 percent or 15 percent of Muslims could be described as fundamentalists, that is to say, desirous of Islamic law in the nations in which they live. We have about the same percentages here among American Christians, that is to say, those who are desirous of biblical teachings being codified into American law.

Among those 10 percent to 15 percent of fundamentalist Muslims, a miniscule percentage could fairly be described as terrorists. In my brief time in Baghdad, it became immediately obvious to me that the vast majority of Muslims is more interested in peace, in getting their children to school safely, in having their work places remain functioning than they are in some grand vision of global Islamic pre-eminence.

The Bush doctrine, John McCain’s disgusting war drum, Mitt Romney’s vaguely proposed expanded military, and Rudy Giuliani’s call for “a very long war” are philosophically bankrupt ways of looking at the Islamic world. Soon enough, half of the world’s population will be Muslim, and that half will be sitting on top of three-fifths of the world’s energy reserves. Do you really want to make enemies with these people? (MORE)


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