ROSS, N.D.- Work to reconstruct a Muslim mosque here is nearing completion. Zinie Peterson of Bismarck said the mosque, which was dismantled in the 1970s, was the oldest Muslim mosque constructed in North America. The building located on the Muslim cemetery near Ross will include a dome and minarets once completed this summer.

Peterson, whose family initiated the project, said the mosque is being built over the site of a previous mosque. Various Muslim organizations recognize the mosque as the first of its kind. Earlier mosques that existed were in converted buildings. The Ross mosque was built around 1929 to serve Lebanese Muslims.

The building didn’t survive the toll of weather and neglect as the faithful moved on or assimilated into the Christian culture. Rodent and water damage led the cemetery committee to dismantle the building some 30 years ago. All that remained were ground indentations that indicated where the walls once were. It was her late mother’s dream to see the mosque rebuilt, Peterson said. “We thought it was such a terrific idea,” Peterson said.

“She would be so thrilled because this little thing is being built not only by her family, not only by her Muslim friends, but her Jewish friends and her Christian friends have all donated”¦” ALSO SEE:


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