Religion Newswriters offers its first ever “Webinar” online training series. The seminars

begin in March with a general overview of Islam. These sessions are free to journalists.

For more details and registration procedures for each seminar, click the links below.

* Covering Islam 101

March 12, 2008, 2–3:15 PM EDT

* Covering Islam & Politics

April 22, 2008, 2–3:15 PM EDT

* The Role of Religion in Conflict Prevention & Peacemaking

Date TBD

* Freedom of Religion in the Military

Date TBD

These seminars are made possible by a generous grant from the McCormick Tribune


Covering Islam 101

DATE: March 12, 2008

TIME: 2–3:15 PM EDT





From schools and workplaces to government and entertainment, Muslims are influencing life

in America as their numbers grow. Whether you report on the war, politics, religion or a

metro area, this seminar will help you develop sources, generate story ideas, add context

to stories, and report with insight and balance. You’ll learn:

* When religion is—and isn’t—part of the story.

* Major issues facing the diverse Muslim community and what you need to know about the

world’s second-largest religion.

* How to choose words carefully and why some terms and statistics are disputed.

* How to report on sensitive issues such as prejudice and terrorism with thoughtfulness

and accuracy.


Farid Senzai is a fellow and director of research at the Institute for Social Policy and

Understanding, which researches the Muslim community in the United States. He is also an

assistant professor of political science at Santa Clara University. Senzai has been a

research associate at the Brookings Institution, where he studied U.S. foreign policy

toward the Middle East, and a research analyst at the Council of Foreign Relations, where

he worked on the Muslim Politics project. He has served as coordinator for Oxford

Analytica, an international consulting firm, and the World Bank. Senzai received his M.A.

in International Affairs from Columbia University and is completing his Ph.D. in political

science at Oxford University.

Andrea Useem is a journalist who specializes in writing about Islam. She writes the blog and has written for Religion News Service, the Pew Forum on

Religion & Public Life and other media outlets. She also is communications editor for

IFOCCOS, a new-media think tank and futures lab. A resident of Reston, Va., she has a

master of theological studies degree from Harvard Divinity School and a bachelor’s degree

in religion from Dartmouth College.

Diane Connolly is editor of ReligionLink, Religion Newswriters’ online resource on

religion, public policy and culture. Before ReligionLink was founded six years ago, she

was editor or The Dallas Morning News’ award-winning religion section.


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