The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, says 78-percent of Muslims who voted in the 2000 presidential election voted for George Bush.

In key states like Florida, where Mr. Bush defeated Democrat Al Gore by just 537 votes, CAIR says Muslims in that state preferred the president over his opponent by 64-thousand votes.

According to a recent informal survey released by the council of more than one-thousand Muslim voters, the level of support for Mr. Bush has changed dramatically in the period since the president took office.

The poll says about half of those surveyed (54%) support the presumed Democratic nominee John Kerry, 26-percent would vote for independent candidate Ralph Nader, while only two-percent would support President Bush.

The group’s executive director is Nihad Awad.

“Definitely there is a feeling that the Muslim community, Muslim voters are not satisfied with the performance of the administration on domestic issues, including civil rights or foreign policy issues like peace in the Middle East, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

[According to the survey 87-percent of the Muslims surveyed say they feel less secure after the war in Iraq, while just nine-percent say they feel more secure…]


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