Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo is airing a graphic new ad this week in Iowa that depicts a terrorist planting a bomb in a crowded U.S. shopping mall and suggests that lax immigration policies have left the country vulnerable to such attacks.

The television ad, called “Tough on Terror,” shows a hooded terrorist carrying a backpack into a mall and leaving it by a bench, before the screen turns to black and an explosion can be heard.

As images of an injured child and a wrecked train flash on the screen, the voiceover says: “There are consequences to open borders beyond the 20 million aliens who have come to take our jobs … the price we pay for spineless politicians who refuse to defend our borders against those who come to kill.”

The Colorado congressman, who late last month announced he would not be seeking a sixth term in the House of Representatives, has made fighting illegal immigration a cornerstone of his struggling campaign. Tancredo is polling in the bottom tier of Republican candidates but has a loyal cadre of supporters who are strict border control proponents.

In an accompanying radio ad, Tancredo says, “All issues pale in comparison to the fact that Islamic jihadists are here and plotting our destruction … I will secure our borders and ports, I will stop all visas to nations that sponsor terrorism and arrest and deport any alien who preaches violence and hatred whether that’s … from a mosque or a street corner in a Mayday parade.” (MORE)


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