It has been a torturous 18-months for Patricia Said.

“At first I blamed God because he let them die,” she confesses. “And I see other people with their kids and I get angry because its not fair I don’t have my kids.”

Almost a year and a half has passed since Patricia Said’s two teen-aged daughters were found murdered in a taxicab at an Irving hotel — a taxi that their father, 52-year old Yaser Said, had been driving.

“I hate him. He had no right to take them,” Said says about her ex-husband, who is the chief suspect in the murders. He hasn’t been seen since. “And the next thing I knew the police was at my door,” she recalls.

Emotionally devastated, Patricia Said’s world was falling apart — until she sought free medical and psychiatric help at the Muslim Community Center for Human Services.

Dr. Basheer Ahmed, a Psychiatrist at the center says, “now she is in a state where I think I can help her more.”

“Without the clinic I probably would not be here right now,” Said says. (More)


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