The First Presbyterian Church in Columbia is opening its doors to members of the Islamic Center of Columbia after a fire over the weekend destroyed their place of worship.

When news of the fire spread, church members at the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia pitched into to help.

Aside from the $1,000 raised for the mosque, the church has also offered up space for members to worship on Fridays.

“All people of faith should be appalled by what has happened and so we gave a gift to the Islamic Center and received some other gifts as well, unsolicited from church members,” said Pastor Bill Williamson, First Presbyterian Church. “A lot of people were upset by it. Several people came to me with expressions of concern and thought it was a good thing to try and do something to support these folks.”

The president of the Islamic Center, Daoud Abudiab, said he has never met anyone from the First Presbyterian Church and is grateful for their support.

He said, “This is what religion is all about, it’s about compassion, and a message the individuals arrested missed completely.” (MORE)


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