WASHINGTON – From Turkey, from Russia and from the desk of Howard Dean – angry reaction to Rep. Tom Tancredo’s threat against Muslim holy sites came from around the world Tuesday. In Ankara, Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul blasted Tancredo’s comments suggesting the United States could “take out” holy sites, including Mecca, if Islamic terrorists detonated nuclear bombs in U.S. cities. “This was nothing but a fanatic speaking completely personally, irresponsibly and without thought of how far his statements would reach or what kind of problems they would create,” Gul said, according to an Anatolia news agency report quoted by The Associated Press. Despite an international outcry, the Colorado Republican continued to stand by his comments Tuesday, saying he did not intend to offend moderate Muslims during last week’s interview with Florida radio talk show host Pat Campbell. During the WFLA broadcast, Campbell referred to a report that Islamic terrorists hoped to strike several U.S. cities with nuclear weapons and he asked Tancredo how the United States could respond. (MORE)


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