An apparent attempt to make a donation resulted in a bomb scare at a San Antonio mosque Wednesday morning. Police said a man arrived at the San Antonio Islamic Center to open the Mosque for morning prayers when he found an open metal suitcase containing $100 bills on the front step of the building, which is protected by a tall fence and a locked gate, and is located in a residential area on the city’s southwest side. Muslim worshipers who arrived for prayers were sent away, the area was sealed off and the San Antonio police bomb squad was called. Several dozen people were evacuated from two nearby apartment buildings. Police Sergeant Gabe Trevino says when bomb squad investigators investigated, they found the suitcase contained several hundred dollars in cash and nothing more, apparently a donation to the mosque. “It appears so,” Trevino said. “If somebody wants to come by and claim the money, we will give it to them. They can turn it back over to the center if they like, but for now it will remain in the custody of the police.” Trevino said a high level response like the one this morning is not uncommon for bomb scares involving mosques.


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