The shockwaves continue from a small protest this month against a Muslim Family Day at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.

A court hearing is set for today on a request for a preliminary injunction against the Florida man who organized the protest. And appointment of another of the protesters to a Carrollton board has ruffled feathers in that city.

Khalil Meek, board president of the Muslim Legal Fund of America, said the Muslim groups support the protesters’ right to voice their opinions. What they object to, he said, is their allegation that the Muslim organizations, and therefore Six Flags, support terrorism.

The groups have filed a lawsuit accusing the protest organizer, Joe Kaufman, of defamation and slander and have obtained a temporary restraining order that prohibits him from harming, threatening or inciting violence against them.

Mr. Kaufman, president of Americans Against Hate, didn’t return e-mail messages seeking comment, and no phone number could be found for him. (MORE)


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