Anti-Muslim civil rights discrimination and harassment incidents have sharply risen since the 9-11 terrorist attacks, according to a report released today. The report, put together by the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, shows that Texas is ranked fifth among the 10 states where the majority of civil rights cases have been reported in the country. “Texas has been one of the hot beds for hate crime violence,” said Arsalan T. Iftikhar, the national legal director of CAIR in Washington and the author of the report. CAIR is a non-profit civil rights and advocacy organization aimed at enhancing a general understanding of the Islamic perspective on issues to the American public. In its 11-year history of documenting Muslim civil rights cases, the number of reported cases last year spiked to 1,522.

That’s up by 503 cases, or a 49 percent increase, over 2003. In 2002, 602 cases were reported. The incidents ranged from physical violence to harassment cases, such as the one in California, where a woman wearing a hijab was pushing a stroller with her baby on a sidewalk and man in a truck almost ran over them. When the woman said, “You almost killed me and my baby!” the man replied, “It wouldn’t have been a big loss.” Incidents also included mosque vandalisms and attacks on Muslin-owned businesses. “Since the 9-11 attacks, the most disturbing legal trend is the growing disparity in how American Muslims are being treated under the law on many different levels,” the report states. (MORE)


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